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Membership has its Mysteries

Membership to the Angelhood is on a monthly basis and is an easy accountability partner for your spiritual evolution. Stephanie created it to include a monthly group coaching call, and has private invitation-only manifestation events – Magdalene Masterminds – that assist those who are seriously committed to align energetically and amplify their intentions. Learn how you can join and all the extra Angel gifts, including her monthly ANGEL HUG by clicking below.

Current Offerings

Rev. Stephanie Ann Lodge has a bachelors in Metaphysics, is a Reiki practitioner and pioneered her own energetic healing modality in 2012 called HALONETIX. She considers herself an energetic bridge between the mainstream and what she refers to as the Angelic Light Stream. The conscious fabric that surrounds us, informs us, and is constantly shifting to reflect the elevation of humanity into the Age of Awakening. She specializes in assisting the energetically sensitive and is a guide for those who have a message or a purpose to be of service to the planet and its people, what she terms DIAMOND ANGELS.  She is also an author, speaker and transformational coach, who specializes in human empowerment and personal enlightenment.

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The Diamond Heart Keys is Stephanie's pre-requisite program for the ANGELIC DREAM KEYS (Launching Late 2019). It is her primary work and assists in activating the heart's conscious operating system. Currently enrollment is by invitation through Angelic Academy's membership circle, the Angelhood. Details can be found above. You can learn more about how to join Stephanie every week LIVE in her only group coaching call Simply Sovereign, and the other added perks of being a member by clicking below.


HALONETIX is a healing modality and process of self-actualization that utilizes etheric light intelligence and directs it through the body-mind-soul complex to transmute and transform various blocks or distortions within your holistic system of divinity.


Stephanie is known as "The Hug Angel" locally in Los Angeles, and is the founder of the Hug Mob. She embodies her work through hugging heart-to-heart with those who need a special "lift" to their spirit.
You can become an angel in your city too to spread the light through your community. Click below to learn more...

The Glow

"As a life-long Light Worker, I can say that Stephanie Lodge is the real deal. Her work with Angelic Light streaming is powerful and transformative. She is truly connected to Divine intelligence and is able to, not only direct powerful transmissions for spiritual healing, she is also immensely articulate and thus able to convey often times complex and esoteric transmissions so that they are easily accessible to her students. I love attending her Diamond Light Stream meditations. I always leave with some bright new perspective and a shift in my inner consciousness."
Barbara Wilder
Author & Speaker

Sessions and Events

Stephanie sees private clients weekly on a limited schedule and schedules special events regularly. You can schedule a brief discovery call to learn more about how she can assist you in aligning your light on all levels and determine which path is ideal for you.