Stephanie's Story

Stephanie was activated in 2006 to be reminded of her divine calling as a light stream for Angelic consciousness and her mission to hold the presence of Source Light for others to viscerally experience. Since then, her light transmissions have been known to heal, awaken Angelic nature, and remind us of who we truly are as Angels or “angles” of Source-Love made manifest into form. She overcame a traumatic childhood of abusive narcissistic programming that allows her to relate to all energetic sensitive souls who have had equally soul-scarring pasts.

She is dedicated to educating humanity on the Angelic Arts & Sacred Sciences of self-devotion and unconditional love. She calls this Angelic Physics for short. The conscious fabric of love that surrounds us and informs us she terms the Sovereign Light Stream, since it’s waves of intelligence are elevating humanity into the greatest Age of Angelic Awakening we’ve ever experienced to liberate us from our mind in order to become heart-centered beings in every way.


Stephanie also specializes in assisting the energetically advanced or “ultra empaths” and is a guide for those who have a message or a purpose to be of service to the planet and its people. She calls the multifaceted team of light leaders on earth today Diamond Angels, and the ones holding the frequency of ultimate love Hug Angels. Some, like herself, are both. She is also an author, speaker and Harmony Coach, who specializes in human empowerment, frequency expansion, harmonic alignment, and personal enlightenment. She is currently open for sessions for the remainder of 2019, with plans to tour in 2020.